"Fowley was found murdered this morning."
Scully, Amor Fati

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FOWLEY IS DEAD. According to Scully in Amor Fati, Fowley was found murdered, after she had delivered the access card and the Navajo book to Scully. YES!!! SOMEBODY HAS A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!!!

Welcome to the home of the MIGHTILY NEW FELLATIO SAINTS!!!!! aka The Anti-Fowley Mailing List. We are the oldest Anti-Fowley organization on the Internet, established July 10, 1998. This mailing list is for those X-philes and individuals who dislike Agent Diana Fowley (played by Mimi Rogers) on The X-Files. Don't know who Fowley is? Read the The End synopsis, The Beginning synopsis, or you can see the script fragments from The End containing Fowley right on our site.

In the episode Two Fathers, Fowley agreed to side with CSM in his evil deeds!!! Not only that, but she has her eyes on Mulder!! The BITCH EVEN KISSED HIM in One Son! The nerve!!!

And then there's that whole Biogenesis lets-strip-down-and-perhaps-
take-advantage-of-a-sick-Mulder thing going on...WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT!!!!

Want more? Read our "DIANA FOWLEY IS EVIL BECAUSE..." list! :)

YOU!!! Read B R A W I T C H - Funny Fowl Fic by Scully!

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Scully Forever, Fowley Never: The Anti-Fowley Mailing List

The Diana Fowley Haters Brigade

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