Captain Truth and the Truthseekers

Smut! MSR! MOTW! Mytharc! GO TRUTH!!

Welcome to the homepage of the Official Truthseekers Mascot, CAPTAIN TRUTH.  Any resemblance of CAPTAIN TRUTH to any persons, fictional or real, is strictly uncoincidental.  The AFML takes no responsibilities for the actions of CAPTAIN TRUTH or his wily, sarcastic, sexy, for the most part available Truthseekers.

(or rather, Origin)

CAPTAIN TRUTH "came" from the minds of Carrie the Pinky-Refusing Huss and ceruleanjen "CJ" aka Club Goer #3.
Read and be afraid. Very afraid.

carriehuss (12:29 AM): Okay, lets combine forces and get rid of Fowley
CJ xf (12:29 AM): LOL!!!
CJ xf (12:29 AM): works for me!!!!
carriehuss (12:29 AM): *using evil powers*
CJ xf (12:30 AM): we need Erika's high priestess powers!!!
carriehuss (12:30 AM): yes we do!
carriehuss (12:30 AM): We need to combine our powers!
CJ xf (12:30 AM): yeeeesss!!!
carriehuss (12:31 AM): like the.....dammit, what was the show...CAPTAIN PLANET!!
carriehuss (12:31 AM): You know, with the rings?
CJ xf (12:31 AM): yeah!
CJ xf (12:31 AM): I loove that show!
CJ xf (12:31 AM): earth fire wind water heart! go planet!!!
carriehuss (12:31 AM): that was so cool!
carriehuss (12:32 AM): hee hee
CJ xf (12:32 AM): ! hehe! I bet I even know the theme song!
CJ xf (12:32 AM): I used to watch that alll the time!
carriehuss (12:32 AM): Smut! MSR! MOTW! Mytharc! GO TRUTH!!!
carriehuss (12:32 AM): CAPTAIN TRUTH :)
CJ xf (12:32 AM): the Truthketeers!!!!!!!!!!
carriehuss (12:32 AM):  YES!
carriehuss (12:33 AM): We will save the truth!!
carriehuss (12:33 AM): That is our mission :)
CJ xf (12:33 AM): we're the truthketeers! you can be one too! cause saving our truth is the thing to do!!!
carriehuss (12:33 AM): ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!
carriehuss (12:34 AM): that would be soooo cool!
CJ xf (12:34 AM): decieveing and denying is not the way! hear what Captain Truth has to say!!! "The TRUTH is yours!!!"

The TRUTH is yours!

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