~ Since most if not all of the Syndicate is dead, Fowley and CSM are two of the only forces that remain to deter Mulder and Scully from finding the Truth.
~ Fowley is in bed with CSM and that alone is enough to make the world a sick and vile place!!

~ Fowley kissed Mulder like the whore that she is. And then she stroked his hair!!!!
~ Of course, who could forget the undress-down-to-the-bra scene in Mulder's apartment in Biogenesis...who knows what the bitch did to him to make him completely insane afterwards.
~ Fowley wears ugly bras. Scully's are so much nicer. (Actually, according to Autumn Tysko, they are "twin torpedoes of 18 hour cross your heart deceit")
~ Fowley's a liar. "...he said I was the only one who would believe him." Scully: "You're a liar."
~ Fowley calls Mulder "Fox" like she's the shit.
~ Fowley lacks FBI skills. When Gibson told her there was someone watching them through the window, what does she do? Stands in front of it like a bird of prey. And gets shot. (The crowd goes wild)
~ Fowley recovered from her gunshot wound (Dammit)
~ Fowley makes Scully jealous--she stresses her out.
~ Fowley's taller than Scully.
~ Fowley makes Mulder and Scully fight about trust.
~ Fowley thinks she's all cool because she took over The X-Files with Mulder before Scully was around.
~ Fowley was one of Mulder's chickadees (purge now)
~ Fowley is a whore, she has no shame whatsoever, she blatantly throws herself at Mulder rather than taking Scully's sweet, cautious approach to Mulder love!
~ Fowley took over The X-Files and messed it up when Mulder and Scully were put on crappy details.