Fowley singing "If I Only Had A Brain"
(Wizard Of Oz)
(by Scully)

I would jump off a tall building
and Mulder would be singing
for I would be in pain
And Miss Scully would be jolly
'cause I need to die, by golly
If I only had a brain

Slash my wrists or chop my head off,
I'll never take my shirt off
Get run over by a train
I am feeling suicidal,
Mulder and Scully walk down the aisle
If I only had a brain

Oh why, please tell me why
I am an ugly bitch
Maybe it's the fact that I'm an ugly witch
Why are Fox and Dana getting hitched?

I will poison my own drink
Because I admit I stink
Or die out in the rain
Should I die of exsanguination
I must come to a realization
That I do not have a brain.