We are in the process of finding non-nude images of Mimi Rogers for this page. Images of her as Fowley are even more rare at this point. Here are some we have found so far!

NEW! Fowley Death Animations.

Death by Spork - AFML Weapon of Choice

Death by Knife

Mulder and Scully shoot Diana

Fowley talkin to Scully in One Son (yeah, when Scully bitches her @$$ out!!)

An Image Gallery of Mimi Rogers on Lycos


Screen scan of M,S, and Fowley in the car. She's in the backseat where she belongs.

Fowley and Mulder touching. THE B!T@H!

A picture of Mimi in Lost In Space

Here she is as Agent Fowley, see the little FBI badge...

And here she is again...shot...haha. :)

Her again looking over at Scully...jealous, I bet.

What an ugly stare! I bet she's casting a spell...

Here are the Anti-Fowley images that you can put on your homepage! You can even link them to the Anti-Fowley Mailing List Home Page so that we can spread the word.

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"I'm Anti-Fowley...Aren't You?" Button(1.2 K)

"X-phile Against FOWLEY" Button(1.2 K)

"Fowley is the ANTI-SCULLY" Button(Animated, 1.5 K)

"Scully Forever...Fowley Never!" Logo (11.2 K)

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