Sites Against Fowley

Devoted Haters of Fowley and Spender (DHFS) : Conspiracy has a great page. And a great mailing list. :)

Thousand Deaths of Fowley : A separate page on the DHFS site - one that necessitates special recognition.

Steph's ten golden rules to get rid of Diana Fowley

Diana Fowley Haters Brigade : I sense a theme running here...

The Anti Diana Fowley Archive : Yeah!!! Cool stories about Fowley having bad days. Many written by AFMLers, like TeaL, Erin, and others. :)

Anti-Fowley Fanfic : Talitha has collected some rather appropriate fanfic, some written by AFMLers.

Agent Chloe's Fictional X-Files Site : Throw some darts at Diana Fowley! And don't worry if you don't have a Java-enhanced browser, go to this page to get the same effect. ;-)

Fowley and Spender Temple of Hate : Nothing more needs to be said.

Anti @$$-holes Task Force Page : Learn about Fowley and Spender, as well as Kersh, and Bill Scully, Jr.

AFML Member Homepages

(may not be X-Files or AFML related)

The X-Files Vault: The AFML : Scully has dedicated this fabulous page to the AFML. You'll find filk, links, games, and some cool graphics. :)

The X-Files Funny Farm : Alli and Jade put together this hilarious site of members of the funny farm. Not all of these are members of the AFML, but it's fun to read their doctor's notes and fanfiction. ;)

The X-Files According to Jolene : Favourite episodes, links, cool stuff. Go check out this stupendous AFML member's site. (Much nicer than the Stupendous Yappi, don't worry.)

Danielle's X-Files Page : Sounds, pictures, episode guide, screensavers, quotations, postcards, you name it - it's here. :)

Adrienne's Sarah McLachlan Page

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