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Nothing Posts Main Index : Re-writes of each episode in a sarcastic critique.

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BBEE - Bad Blood Enthusiasts for Eternity

PMP "The Dance" Photo Gallery : Pictures of that famous shippy scene in "The Post-Modern Prometheus" (5x06).

Believe the Lie : Dedicated to the mysterious season finale cliffhanger episode, "Gethsemane" (4x24). (Hasn't been updated in a long time.)

Anasazi : This site has some interesting information about the Anasazi Indian village - the people, and their lifestyles, etc. It doesn't specifically have to do with the episode "Anasazi" (2x25), but it's interesting nonetheless.

FTF : Okay, so this isn't exactly an episode, it's the movie (Fight the Future), but it was like a big episode. A 2-hour long mythology episode with a few more special effects.

The XF Movie: Lots of good info about the movie - synopsis, trailers,...

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Inside the X: The X-Files Transcripts Archive.

The X-Files Timeline

Cafe Barbara presents "Ketchup on The X-Files" : Mythology help

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