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XF Virtual Spin-the-Bottle : This site makes me laugh. It's still fun, even if you can figure out the code to get the right people. Funny commentaries, too.

Plastic Surgery Lab: X-Files : I did this one with the Friends characters. It's much better with TXF.

Action Caption : People have come up with some pretty creative captions to XF pictures. Some of the AFML members have been winners. :)

X-Files Adventure : Ah, brings me back to my childhood when I used to read those "Choose your own Adventure" books all the time.


X-Files Game Central : X Files game CD ROM unofficial site.

MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch : GA & DD versus the Men in Black. While it's supposed to be the actors, they act more like their characters.

Miriland: Entertainment : Time Wasting Page. That's what they call it, honestly! Hehee! At this site, you can put captions on pictures, give Mulder a tie (Pretty funny ones), or do some madlibs. A definitely productive time-waster. :)

Peter and Beth: X-Files Fun and Games : T'was the night before x-mas, the drinking game, location sties, mythology, personality tests, momento mori journal entries, XF acronyms....

The Ultimate X-Files Trivia Game

XYZ-Files Online Game

KRyan's X-files Simulation (RPG) guide

The X-Files RPG : An X-Files Role Playing Game.

X-Files : Talks about the SEGA pinball game

X-Files Pinball - Sneak-a-peak : Another look at the SEGA pinball game

X-Pic Weekly Contest


Music videos and bloopers from season 4 and 5

Seasons 4 & 5 Gag Reel : Direct link to the good stuff.

razz's page of X-Files bloopers : Some general bloopers. Also includes the elevator scene. ;)

Blooper Transcripts : The descriptions are really good, even if it isn't the same as actually watching them. Man, I wish I had those tapes!! :)

IMDb: Goofs : Some mistakes (geography, continuity errors) in Fight the Future.


PA XF Postcards : One of many good card sites out there. It includes quotations, sounds, and cool pictures.

Pixie's Postcard Extravaganza : Another cool XF card site.

Lill's X-Files Postcards : The usual type of XF card site, with no sounds available.

Other Cool Sites

The Spoof is Out There : Check out this site - it is very funny. There are a few games and other amusing things. :)

Humour : Jokes, songs, a couple of pictures (including the infamous Spice Girls/X-Files crossover pic), and games.

The Hex Files : Spoof episode guides, up until the 5th season. Also has a little bit on the movie. This is not a completely up-to-date site (hence the early title of "Driftwood" for the movie), but it is very funny nonetheless. :)

Netpick Homepage : While it's not completely up-to-date, it is interesting to read about slip-ups that have occurred in the show.

Smilin' Scully : There are few episodes in which she smiles, and (heaven forbid) laughs! "The Unnatural" is one huge exception to the rule (and what an exception it was!). :)

DD Red Speedos Poem Page : This page is exactly as its name suggests. Poems devoted to the red speeds DD wore. Very funny.

Kiss DD

The Truth Will Set You Free : The Truth would do more than that, but alas, it is not in this site. :(

The Truth is Backwards: The Hidden Truth of the X-Files : The Truth backwards, now I'd like to see that!! This site, however, has reversed WAV files from the show. I can't say that I've completely heard exactly what this person is suggesting, but it's an interesting site to visit, nonetheless.

Top Ten Lists : There are some pretty hilarious lists on this site.

The X-Files In-Jokes List

Smart Is Sexy - Language Section : Learn how to say GA is beautiful in 42 languages... I am currently looking for DD's corresponding page...

X-Files Filk on the Web

A lot of really funny x-files songs : Susan, the awesome AFMLer, has put together a page of fun filk. You have to read them - they're really good. :)

The X-Files Ate My Balls! : This site basically consists of pictures with funny captions.

The Extremely Unofficial X-Files Colouring Book : Will help amuse for hours. ;)

Are you a Phile??? : Funny ways of telling you're an X-Phile.

The Desk For Dana Fund : Not even with the new office did she get a desk. Chris Carter, you must rectify this situation immediately!! :)

SSPB : (Scully's Short People Brigade) Fun page, pics, fanfic...

The X-Files Page for the Mentally Ins@ne! : Cool pictures, bios, sounds, photos...

X-Quotes-Files : And jokes, too.

The XXY-Files

Everything I need to know I learned from the X-Files : It's true for me...

Ringo's Guide to X-Files Action Figures

X-files Stick Figure Theater : This page is for people with a sick affinity for stick figure theater, and an unhealthy obsession with the X-Files. If this describes you, you're in for a treat! Pull up a chair and let the fun begin!

TITANIX : A spoof on the story of Titanic, from an X-Files perspective. ;)

Creative Disclaimers : Take note. These are good. LOL!

The X-Files Quotation Base : Organized any way you want it to be. I sound like a Harvey's commercial.

Files of X : A great X-Files site with much to do. Offering a personalized web award, games, chat, bbs, graphics, postcards, a gallery and more.

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