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The X-Files - The Church of X : Our own Erika put together this fabulous site. Go directly to this site. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. There are weekly chats at the The Church of X Meeting Room, Friday at 6PM PST and Saturday at 4PM PST.

The Complete X-Files Page : The name says it all.

Fandom: The Ultimate X-Files Information Complex : Another good site out there.

Katie Dot Com: X-Files : There has got to be a reason her name is so close to the Dod Kalm episode name.

The PA X-Files Home Page : This is a fabulously comprehensive site. (Yes, I have linked the PA spoilers page in the spoilers section, but that's okay.)

The X-Files FAQ : Why does Scully still not have a desk? Perhaps this site has the answers. But then again, maybe not.

The X-Philes Office : Not even in this virtual site does Scully get a desk... (But this is still a cool site to visit, not to worry.)

X-Files X-Posed : Is the Truth exposed here? Sadly, no.

The Mythology : Now I don't know about you, but I sometimes have to watch an episode a couple of times before I can figure out exactly what is going on. This site helps explain a lot.

The Eclectic X-Phile Home Page: The Truth Is Here : Despite the false advertising (the Truth is not there, sorry to disappoint you!), this is a great page with lots of articles, pictures, and other links.

The Alph : Formerly known as the X-Files Alphabet Book. Let's start at the very beginning - a very good place to start. When you read, you begin with A, B, X.

Ground Zero - The Ultimate X-Files Page : There are lots of Ultimate pages out there, but this is really good (as, I'm sure, the other ones are, too).

The X-Files Compilation : Wow. This page is so detailed. Practically every character is mentioned, all of the production people, episode info, movies, it has everything.

Romancing the X - Home Page : Reviews, spoilers, articles, and more.

Apartment 42 - X-Philes Only : The answer is 42. Now I know why Chris Carter decided to number Mulder's Apartment that way. Now, what was the question? BTW. check out the Humor page - there is some really good stuff in there.

X_fairy's X-files Page : Fanfic, quotes, WAVs, Sounds, pictures, polls, everything!

Sculder13's X-Files Page : Reviews, news, sounds, images,...

Haven of X : Spoilers, episodes, sounds, pics, and jokes! :)

Mulder's Fishtank: Spoilers, fanfic, pictures, Also cards, cool Fowley death chart (go vote!), and you can even get a Krycek e-mail address ( CoX member.

The Lone Gungirl's X-Files page: Pictures, spoilers, links... Not recently updated.

The Truth is Out There Society : Newsletters, news, pictures, multimedia, info on David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

I want to believe : Ceruleanjen's site has poetry (she's an awesome poet!!), spoilers, info about DD & GA,... (She is also an AFML member).

The X-Files Vault : Pictures, songs, reviews, episode info, games,... And visit the phone gallery. :) This has been a Scully production. (AFML member)

Kaolite's Awesome X Files Page : Includes X-Files dating tips.


Squalls Spooky Corner : Sarah (a very cool member of the AFML family) has put together a site choc full of episode reviews, mythology, FTF, awards, links, polls, fanfic and more!

The X-Files Unrestricted Access

Inside the X

X-Files Resource Page II

The X-Files Essentials

The Info Service

The Truth and the X : Episode guide, characters, actors, links... And an abduction list. :)

Talicca's X-Files Page, X-Files, X-Files and MORE X-Files! : GREAT SITE!!!! It has everything. Very nice looking. You should all go visit it. :)

Snark's Guide to the X-Files : Cool site. :) Episode guide (go read it - it's very good!), pictures, videos, sounds, (my favourite stuff). Check out the Righteous Philers, the hip new band that has yet to perform at a location near you (or anywhere, for that matter). ;-)

The X-Tour : unique, guided tours of Vancouver featuring X-Files, Hollywood and historic locations. See the sights and learn about the hidden secrets of Hollywood stars--and starlets--while in Vancouver. Warning: They may not be all their cracked up to be. Just be educated consumers.

The X-Files Disenchantment Society: XF fans who have become increasingly disgusted by the direction and quality of the show in the last few seasons. Message board, Rage Page.

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