Slightly Off-Topic XF Sites

"Joan Rivers is Evil" Home Page : This means war!!

Federal Bureau of Investigation Home Page : The real FBI page.

Neurofibromatosis, Inc. - NF, Inc. : I believe GA's brother has this disease. This is a good cause to support.

Gillian's Angels Teddy Bear Project : In honor of Gillian Anderson and her upcoming 31st birthday in August, members of the group Gillian's Angels are participating in the Teddy Bear Project. Over 30 members of the Gillian's Angels have volunteered to collect Teddy Bears in Gillian's honor that will be given to charities that benefit children in some way.

Harsh Realm : Chris Carter's new project that may or may not feature some XF actors (Nic Lea, Chris Owens). The latest sounds like a no. :(

William Davis Centre for Actor's Study : In his time away from his busy smoking schedule, he is able to run a very cool BC school.

The Bree Sharp Phile Cabinet : Pretty much everything you want to know about this fabulous songwriter. :)

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