The People

If you're confused about who all the people in the X-Files are, and how they're connected, go check out The X-Files 101 -- Who's Who. It's an excellent breakdown of all the characters in the show, as well as the crew. Extremely helpful.

Regular Characters

The Official Gillian Anderson Web Site

The Gillian Anderson Page

The Genuine Admirers Of Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson - Smart Is Sexy

Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade

The Scully Support Group on the 'Net

Extremis : GA clips.

Gillian Anderson Web Site : The largest source of Gillian paraphernalia (so they claim). In-depth biography, pictures, sounds, transcripts, Neurofibromatosis information, Links, bulletin board...

X_fairy's Gillian Anderson Page : Cool multimedia stuff (Future Fantastic, Extremis video), as well as pictures, and WAV files from both the X-Files and The Mighty. :)

GA Online : An interesting e-zine devoted to the famous redhead. This hasn't been updated since 1999, although it looks very nice.

Gillian Leigh Anderson Real Ecclesia: The Bio Page : Pretty comprehensive list of what she has been in and done - magazines, awards shows,... Lots of pictures

The Thinking Man's Crumpet : A bazillion GA pics. You have to visit this site, even if it's just for the name. ;) It hasn't been updated in a while.

Photograph Gallery : Gillian Anderson/Dana Scully photo gallery. Good pics.

Australian Gillian Anderson Brigade

Gillian & David: The Archives

David and Gillian Multimedia

David Duchovny Drool Brigade Homepage : A site filled with David Duchovny information, pictures, and more.

First Church of Mulder : *Not* to be confused with Erika's Church of X. This is another denomination entirely.

Ultimate page dedicated to DD : There are lots of pictures of DD.

Mulder's Basement

David Duchovny Archive

The David Duchovny page of Lust : This site has info on the Bree Sharp "David Duchovny, why won't you love me?" song, and some pictures to boot. Hilarious song and video. :)

ODD : Obsessed with David Duchovny Page. Pictures, fanfic, filmography, and the "Number of Times" page. It is an interesting bit of trivia to check out. On it are things like the number of times number of times Scully is attacked in a bathroom (5); Number of episodes Mulder eats sunflower seeds (18); Number of times Mulder and Scully have showered together (1).

BRAWS : Broad Reform Advocates for Walter Skinner

Office of the Assistant Director : Everything you ever wanted to know about him (except they don't tell you about the colour of his underwear).

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters : Good description of Diana Fowley...let her STAY that way!

phoenix96's X-Files Page : Info about Chris Carter, many characters, fanfic, and you can also get the Memento Mori kiss! :) (Slooow loading, though.)

The X-Files : Cool page with pictures and sounds of the Lone Gunmen.

The Lone Gunmen Estrogen Brigade : Games, fanfic, articles, bios,... A very very nice looking site. :)

Dean Haglund : In contrast to practically all the other websites, he actually made this one. He claims to answer all his own e-mail, too. Except he's rather behind, and I think he took his e-mail address off the website. But that's okay, we still love him anyway. :)

Ben's Cancerman Page

Enter the Lair or the rat gets mad. : Krycek - everyone's favourite bad guy.

The Church Of Alex Krycek : No internet community is complete without a church dedicated to Krycek, in addition to all the other churches out there. (Of course, the Church of X is the best one out there). ;)

The Nicholas Lea Homepage : Not updated very often.

Society for the Protection of Alex Krycek : Chatroom, postcards, German,...

FARCE Headquarters : Fans after Ratboy's complete extermination. (This guy sure is popular!)

Agent Pendrell - Gone but not forgotten. : Memorial to the agent with no first name.

Denial! Denial! : It really was a sad occasion when Agent Pendrell died, even if Mulder did actually remember Scully's birthday for once.

Carson Maynard's home page: Lab Agent Pendrell

WMM Clones : Part of Sarah Christine's website. (AFML member). BTW, the Well-Manicured Man is one of my favorite characters. I refuse to believe he really died in Fight the Future.

Writers and Others

The X-Files 101 -- Directors

The X-Files 101 -- Writers

The Chris Carter Home Page

Mark Snow

Shrine to Saint Vince (Also CJ) : Vince Gilligan, a shippy writer. See which eps he wrote, and other goodies. (He also wrote the cute movie "Home Fries" with Luke Wilson and Drew Barrymore). Ceruleanjen is an AFMLer.

Darin Morgan Fan Page : This guy wrote a whole bunch of episodes. Go check out the page to find out which ones. (Lazy, aren't I?) Okay, so there's "Humbug" (2x20), "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" (3x04), "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" (3x20), and he acted in "Small Potatoes" (4x20).

Special Characters

X-Files Guest Stars : Pretty up to date list, as far as I could tell.

Temple of Modell : Modell (played by Robert Wisden) was a character in the episode "Pusher" (3x17). There are pictures, sounds, and lots of other things on Ceruleanjen's site. She is a native of AFML-land.

The Dr. Bambi Deathsquad : It seems to me that Bambi and Fowley have some commonalities. This site is also dedicated to the extermination of a female character, in this case, the "voluptuous entomologist" (quotation from the Official Site) Bambi Berenbaumin in "War of the Coprophages" (3x12).

Mark Sheppard - An Unofficial Page : He was Bob the Caretaker/Cecil L'Ively in "Fire" (1x11).

Kevin Zegers : This kid (not so little, anymore) played Kevin Kryder in "Revelations" (3x11). He is definitely cool since I found out on his website that he's from the town next to me. :)

Kevin Zegers: Splash Page : I think this is more of an official site. This site has more up-to-date pictures.

Lili Taylor Homepage : This great actress played Marty Glenn in "Mind's Eye" (5x16).

LiliTaylor.Com : Very detailed website.

Bruce Campbell Online: He played the demon Wayne Weinsider in "Terms of Endearment" (6x06).

Recycled Canadian Actors : This person has discovered that there must be about 43 Canadian actors who are on all of the shows.

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