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A note of explanation to those who don't know who "Shippers" are. A shipper is someone who believes that Mulder and Scully should pursue a romantic relationship. Shipper is a short form for relationshipper. A shippy site, therefore, is a site that is promoting the romantic aspects of our dynamic duo's relationship. There are different types of shippers - some refer to the ones who don't want Scully and Mulder to get together until the end as "Millenium shippers" or "Finis shippers." A person who wants them to get together now is simply known as a full-fledged shipper. A person who does not want them to become romantically involved is commonly known as a NoRoMo (I think it's a short form for no romance), or a non-shipper. There are other wonderful terms for people who are in favor of other romances, like between Scully and Krycek, or Scully and Skinner. I've heard both of those groups referred to as "Skippers." That's the end of today's lesson. Now go home and do your homework by watching your favorite episode with shippy scenes. Determine the scenes' shippyness on a scale of 1-10. Discuss them in terms of eye contact, eye-to-lip contact, amount of touching, number of possibly romantic words implied but not fully verbalized, and general feeling. Now join the unprejudiced and unbiased AFML mailing list. Or skip the first 3 instructions and go straight to the last. ;)

Welcome to my Insanity : A Celebration of Shippiness on the web... also a good introduction to Philedom for new fans. Home of the X-Files Funny Farm (very funny!!!). Go check out Alli's (AFMLer) cool site now. Not that there's any pressure or anything... ;)

Spookymel's Site for Paranormaniacs : Melissa, another cool AFML member (and no relation to Melissa Scully) has put together this great site having a shippy song of the week, fanfic, pictures from the Simpsons episode, sounds, and a postcard section. :)

The X-Philes Finis Romantics Society

The 'Shipper Site of Worship

Sweet Dreams : Fanfic, Mulder and Scully-inspired songs, shippy episode guide.

MSR Chick's X-Philes Shippy Site

Flossie's X-Cellent X-Files Page : Cute XF stuff.

The Best X-Files Shippy Music Videos

Shipper Haven: A Truth Eternal : Tons of Shipper stuff - fanfic, WAV files, ....

Fox and Dana's Home Page : All about their wedding. ;) Some good manipulations.

The Relationshipper's Love Shack : Pictures, fanfic,...

'Shippers Annon

X-PHILES Having Intense Love of Everything Shippy

A Senseless Shipper Site : Quotes, sounds, pictures, other cool pages...

Shipper's Inc. : Mostly pictures, and a forum.

Tali's Asylum For Sappy 'Shippers (TeaL) : Support group setup by the AFML's own TeaL - visuals, audio, fanfic, stuff against fowley

Mulder/Scully Love Code : Now you can find out what they *really* mean.

The Mulder & Scully Soundtrack Project : A lot of songs fitting their relationship.

X-Files Relationshipper's Gallery : Stories, sounds, pictures.

An X-Philes Paradise® : Pages for Shippers, NoRoMos, sounds, bios, scripts,...

X-Philes eXcavations : Fanfic, isms, scripts,.. Lots of stuff

The M&S Love Connection : X-File videos made to popular songs. It's been updated, and has quite a good selection.

Noromo Values : A site that's devoted to celebrating the Mulder and Scully's platonic relationship. As they say in French, "Chacun son gout."

newloon - LOON (League of Outraged Noromos) : Read fanfic, home of the College of Noromo Studies, formerly known as Platonic Studies

The Skipper's World : Having mentioned Skippers (Scully and Krycek), I thought it only appropriate to add a link or two. It has links to other Skipper sites. This site was designed by Leighcia, a member of the Church of X.

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