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Gizzie's Deli Main Menu : Check out the Side Orders page - cool gifs, the opening sequence, DD's French car commercial...


XFile7 Photo Library

Peter and Beth: Gillian Anderson Gallery

Flossie's X-Cellent X-Files Page : Pictures, not recently updated.

E's X-Page......  The Picture Page


X-Files Sounds : A pretty comprehensive list of sounds from all seasons.

The X-Files WAVs : Fairly new ones, I think. :)

Mulder 64's X-Files Sounds

The RealAudio X-Files! : Quite a few sounds from the show, including the theme (short and long), with various other episodes.

Sounds of The X-Files : Sounds from the movie and all seasons. Ones to add to the collection.

Sounds of The X-Files Movie : Lots and lots of sounds from Fight the Future. There are some cool blooper and mix ones at the bottom to check out, too. ;)

Season Six Sounds

Sounds in the Key of X : All bloopers on this page can be found on other pages, as well, and you might want to check out the blooper section of the links to find more.

X-Phile High on Angel Dust : A large collection of sounds. Very well organized. :)

Rohan's X-Files Realm: Sound Archive : This person has over 600 sounds! And there are even WAV files from the Simpsons episode! :) How cool is that?!

Mulder's X-Files Page

The Baseball Scene (Part 1) : Conspiracy made these WAV files of that most memorable last scene from "The Unnatural" (6x20). She is such a wonderful AFMLer! :)
The Baseball Scene (Part 2)

The Baseball Scene : Adrienne made the Unnatural baseball wav Real Audio, so you can listen to it without downloading it. But you should have Real Audio downloaded. :)

The Baseball Scene : Part Deux.

Other Multimedia Stuff

Zoe's Realm of X-Files : Images, Sounds. Definitely check out this AFMLer's site.

The X Net: X-Files (Akte-X) Multimedia : A very cool site with tons of multimedia stuff.

Joe's X-Files Page : You have to check out this page! If only for the first page. I love the graphics. Anyway, this site has pictures, sounds, scripts, screensavers, lots and lots of goodies. :) :)

David Duchovny Desktop Theme : (679 KB)

Gillian Anderson Desktop Theme : (342 KB). Don't ask me why his desktop theme is twice the size of hers...

Haley's X-Files Homepage: Pictures, WAVs, and other things.

The X-Files Shrine: Pics, sounds, links, downloads,...

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