Worldwide Experiences

The V-Files : (Canadian)

The X- Files (Australian Conne-X-ion) : The X-Files Australian Conne-X-ion contains all the latest X-Files news relevant to Australia, an episode guide with my personal ratings of each show, a multimedia section showing what's available in Australia, a links page, poll and an expanding section showing how The X-Files is reported in the Australian media. Yes, I'm lazy. I copied that blurb. ;)

Australia's Information Kiosk

TAXPA : The Australian X-Philes Association

X-Files European Society : Pictures, sounds, fanfic, news, links, and other things.

The X-Files: Swedish Homepage : A fairly comprehensive X-Files site. Images, Links, Character Info, 'Vote' section, Chat, etc.

The X Files Germany

Manu's Gillian Anderson Photo Gallery : (German)

Die Wahrheit ist hier drinnen : Alas, even German sites can be prone to false advertising. The Truth is not in this site!! However, it it nonetheless a cool German page - fanfic, the Speech from the end of the FTF Soundtrack, and other things. Gotta go Deutsch üben! :) Apparently the ultimate X-Files site located in Germany. It was the first X-Files page in Germany and is now, thanks to Fox's lawyers no longer one of the biggest.

La Page X-Files : Good info in French.

X-Files Su Italway : Episode Guides, Info about the dynamic duo, etc.

Project X : While I don't speak Italian, I can guess. :) It has an Episode Guide, a list of the characters (and actors), and archive (including magazine articles).

The X-Files Invasion : (Greek)

Russian The X-Files Site

Expediente X : (Spanish)

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