Here are some of the nice nicknames that the members of the AFML have come up with for Diana Fowley. Expect the list to grow as we learn more about the eeeevils of Fowley.

"Scum of the Land"
"Scum of the Sea"
"The Original Bitch"
"Drop Dead Brunette"
"The Notorious P.I.G."
"CSM's biggest fan"
"Bitch whore slut tart"
"Certifiable Numbskull Foul OneD"
"Wicked bitch of the FBI"
"Bitch of all bitches"
"Ugly Bitch Woman"
"skanky ho"
"The Ugly One"
"The Dead One"
"That F*cking Fowley Woman (TFFW)"
"Bitch Fowley"
"Scum Sucker! Fowley!"
"Look! It's Ugly Fowley!"
"Mud Pie"
"The Hateful Hag"
"The Wicked Witch"
"The Wicked Bitch"
"Mulder's Mistake"
"CSM's Best Friend"
"The 4th Elder"
"Fluke Woman"
"Howler Fowler"
"Twisted Sister"
"Diabolical Diana (DBD)"
"The Intruder"
"The Invader"
"The Vulture"
"You Liar! (That's from Scully)"
"The Foul One (TFO)"
"Ugly Cow"
"diana the hooker"
"Queen of F@#$"
"Queen of F@#$"
"scummy fowl"
"Spawn of Satan"

  "The Chickadee"
"The Chickadee-Bitch"
Just plain "Bitch"
"The Anti-Scully"
"The Dark Lady"
"Dirty Diana"
"The Annoying One"
"Kentucky Fried Fowley (KFF)"
"The Fowler"

"Scum on Scully's Shoes"
"The Punching Bag"
"Scully's Ailment"

"Foul Fowley"
"Fetid Fowley"
"Fecal Fowley"
"ho hell woman"
"dienana bitchly"
"Don'tTrustHerScully! (from Mulder)"
"IDon'tTrustDianaBitch! (from Mulder)"
"GetawayfromMulder! Fowley!"
"The Ugly Bitch"

"Bitch Woman"
"The Jersey Devil"
"The Temptress"
"Shit Head"
"Shit Queen"
"Chickadee Bitch Devil Woman"
"Pothead Bitch"
"The Foiler"
"Foul Bitch"
"Dead Diana"
"Dead Meat Diana"
"Lameass Ho"
"Demented Diana"
"F@#$ing Fowley"
"Fishy Fowley"
"F@#$ed up Fowley"
"bra witch"
"The Ugly One"
"DieANA Bitch"
"Die! Bitch! Die!"

Regarding Fowley...

by razz

Of the derivatives of her last name (yelwof, wolfey, lowyef, weyfol, leyfow, loyfew, fewloy, yeolf), feylow sounded good, because of its meaning (“fey” means fated to die, and “low” can mean a cow’s cry).

Of the derivatives of her first name, (daina, nadai, naida, naadi, naaid, anadi, aniad, anaid, andai), the only one with any meaning is naiad (Water-nymph), and that is definitely not suitable. Diana itelf means “Horsewoman, lady who hunts; woman bent on remaining single”. You know the word fowler is a catcher, hunter, shooter or snarer (if that is a word). I wonder if CC thought of this when he came up with her name. Hm... There is a definite theme going on, whether intentional or not. Lady who hunts, hunter,... So will she live up to her name?

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