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The X-Files Series(???) Finale Party with AFML, COX, and DHFS
St. Paul, Minnesota
(formerly The Boston Iced Tea Party)

May 14, 2000

This will be the party of the new millennium!!! The internet's three most awesome mailing list/organizations--The Anti-Fowley Mailing List, The Church of X, and Devoted Haters of Fowley and Spender-are all getting together to laugh, cry, and celebrate the series finale of the best show in TV history.




Well we have decided to play our own guessing game. Jolene has set the party itself on Sunday, May 14, 2000, at 8 p.m. CST.

Hotel reservations are dependent on your own personal travel plans.  We will be having activities all weekend leading up to Sunday's party; we will be coming up with a tentative schedule soon. Up to 12 people can stay at Jolene's house for free, and there are a few spots left if you're interested--there will still be transportation to the hotel so the groups won't be totally separated all of the time.

We will be watching the finale at Jolene's house on the bigassmother TV.

If you are planning on going to the party, you should have e-mailed Jolene BY NOW!!!!!  If you have to eventually back out we won't kill you.  Violently.  You also have to be willing to phone her when neccessary to find out details because she refuses to call everyone because phone bills suck.


Transportation at this point depends on if you want to spend the weekend or just come for the Sunday party (unless you've made other arrangements.) There are several different ways of arranging it, like flying, driving (carpool?), boating, and running.  NOW is the time to be thinking of how the hell you're going ot get to the party. Start talking to people you know if you want to carpool or maybe you can coordinate travelling flights or the Greyhound together. Those who make reservations will be given directions to Jolene's place later on.  Like when we know who is going.

If you want to carpool, make sure that you can depend on the person(s) that you are going to share rides with--and be sure you know them well.  Those in charge of the party or listmasters for the AFML, COX, and DHFS are not responsible for your transportation, nor liable for what may occur before, during, or after the time you have been traveling to St. Paul.  If you run away and don't tell your parents that you're going and they find out and try to arrest anyone in charge of this party, we'll kick your ass.


Click here to go to the Boston Iced Tea Party Food Ideas Message Board!!


Jolene has priced some t-shirts at $6/each if we order 40 or more, or $8/each if we order less than 40.  You need to tell her ASAP if you want a t-shirt.  There will be a deadline for ordering, depending on the print time needed.  If you want a t-shirt and you aren't going to the party, we can mail it to you if you pay the shipping.

The t-shirts will be black with white writing.  On the back will be a list of sayings that resemble the list below.  On the front it will say something like, "The X-Files Series Finale Party, St. Paul, Minnesota, May 14, 2000" unless we come up with something in the near future to put on the front.  If they end up going to an eighth season, of course, it will say "SEASON Finale Party".


~ I Want To Believe ~
Truth is as subjective as reality
Government Denies Knowledge
I had you big time ~ We just knew
Cerulean blue is like a gentle breeze
You are my constant, my touchstone
And you are mine ~ Hips before hands
Apology is Policy ~ Eat sunflower seeds
Believe the Lie ~ All Lies Lead to the Truth
In the Big Inning ~ If you quit now, they win
Deny Everything ~ Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate
One is the loneliest number ~ Your beautiful mind
It's remotely plausible someone might think you're hot
Maybe if it rains sleeping bags, you'll get lucky
When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes
The truth will save you ~ The truth is in you
The Truth is out there, but so are the lies
El 'Aanigoo ahoot 'e ~ Fight the Future
Maybe he just got really, really lucky
Everything Dies ~ E Pur Si Mouve
Tie goes to the runner ~ Bees suck
Iced tea is love ~ Root beer is fate
The Reticulan skin color is gray
Resist or Serve ~ Amor Fati
~ The Truth Is Out There ~


Yeah I'm thinking of scrapping this idea. Who knows!