Scully's Truths?

We all know about Mulder's Truth.  But what about Scully's?  How can we refer to such... things?

The AFML has expanded their search for the Truth to include some possible "answers" about Scully's Truths.

Search committee headed by John.

"I think we need to have a different name for Scully's Truths because it really makes it sound like she's a well-endowed gender confused lady. Some ordinary words that wouldn't seem suspicious...preferably x-files related...any ideas?" - Adrienne

"I think it should be the answers or the lies. I don't remember theexact quote, but Scully said 'I've seen the truth. Now what I want are the answers.' (Scullyslash)" - AgentXena

"Scully's 'Truths' can't be the answers. I've already told my offline friends my theories about the 'Answers' belonging to Mulder... ;) eheheee..It came about last year in a short story that was in our english textbook that said 'The answers are just beyond the truth you seek.' 'I've heard the Truth, Mulder. Now what I want are the answers.' She's a demanding woman.  How about if Scully's 'Truth' were the lies? :) The Truth is always buried and concealed by the lies." - Jen

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