The AFML Truth Timeline, Compiled by Jolene

Jolene, Oct 17th, 1998
Hey what do you guys think the new Tag Line is gonna be? I heard somewhere
that there is gonna be one.
How about Give Me truth or Give me Scully. He, He, He. Ally C23 thought that
up. I think that The Truth Is Under The Bed is good. What do you all think?

Natalie, Oct. 17, 1998
The Truth's in the Sheets *giggle*
I must be in a mood tonight!! ;)

The truth may be closer than we think...

Adrienne Oct. 18,1998
Love No One...except your partner


Jolene, Oct. 20,1998
Well I went through all the old discussions since I joined and I only came up
with 4 suggestions for a new tag line, so I just made up the other 6.

Top Ten New Taglines

10. The Truth is Under the Bed
9. Partners that lay together stay together
8. The Corn is Out There
7. Love no one.....Except your partner
6. Bees are Evil!
5. Mulder, your Crazy......About ME!
4. Give Me Truth or Give Me Scully
3. What are You Implying?
1. The Truth is in The Sheets

This was harder than I thought that It was gonna be. Some of them are pretty
bad, but what can you do. Give ME more and we can change 'em. Or someone
else can do it. It just seemed fun, and Razz did mention that she felt one
coming. Talk to you all later.


Gin October, 20 1998
this is great!! i love it!
in ust i trust- gin
ps- the truth could also be in mulder's pants....that leaves scully to
sorry i'm a perv :)

Erika, Oct. 20, 1998
Super top ten list!!!!!!
I also like the idea of the truth being in Mulder's pants. Then Scully
could investigate, but she wouldn't be able to find it so she'd have to
call all of US to help her.

*lol* I'm a perv, too!


Natalie, Oct. 21,1998
I'm sure none of us would mind "searching for the truth." ;)
Maybe we're all pervs!! LOL!!!!


Oct. 21, 1998
*ROTFLMAO* Me first! I'll find's got to be big!


Oct. 21,1998
*LOL* No, me first! I'm not letting anyone get in my way!

conspiracy (size DOES matter) :)

Gin, Oct. 21,1998
ladies..ladies...there's enough...ahem..."truth" to go around...
besides...we all know I get dibs since i came up with the idea
AM JUST KIDDING!!! don't flame me!
we will all have our fair share...yum....truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuth..never sounded

in ust i trust- gin

Erika, Oct. 21,1998
*lol* that reminds me of a top ten list I once read! It was "Top Ten
Things Scully Will Say When She and Mulder Finally Get it on" or
something like that. One of them was:
"The Truth is IN ME, Mulder! Oh God, the Truth is in me!"
I'm gonna go see if I can find that list again to show all you guys!
I'm so happy to be on a list with a bunch of perverts like myself!
The Truth is In Us All!
(I didn't say that!)


Gin, Oct. 22,1998
The truth *better* be big!!! Hell, after 5 years of B.S. mythology its got to
be phenomenal!
Let's just hope Mulder doesn't start crying (like he always does) when the
"big truth" is finally revealed...
mulder (syzygy)- "No you do it...i know how much you love snapping on the
..oh mulder!! she sure does! gotta guard the truth you know!

in ust i trust- gin(who's hoping she didn't lose you guys with her double meanings)
ps- but we're all pervs so i know you gus will get

Conspiracy Oct. 22, 1998
The Truth is In Us All! (I didn't say that!) -Erika
*LOL* (Sorry I'm so unoriginal, but that's all I can say.)

May the truth be in Mulder's pants. ;)

Erika, Oct. 23, 1998
(The first post with the heading "The Truth")
I sense an AFML "inside joke" forming. "The Truth", it seems, is now
synonymous with Mulder's... well... with whatever it is Mulder keeps in
his pants!*lol*
I love it!
Forever seeking The Truth


Erika, Oct. 27,1998
Hey, if All Lies Lead to the Truth, does that mean if I lie my face off,
it'll lead me to the truth? *lol*
I am Tea Leoni!
I'm 8 feet tall!
I weigh 105 pounds!
Hmmm. I don't see the truth anywhere here.


( [Gin:] The Beast will make off with your children.
[Mob:] {gasp}
[Amber:]She'll come after them in the night.
[Erica:] We're not safe till her head is mounted on my wall! I say we
kill the Beast!
[Mob:] Kill him! )

[conspiracy] We're not safe until she's dead
[Jolene]She'll come stalking us at night
[Sydney:] Set to sacrifice our children to her monstrous appetite
[AmyI:]She'll wreak havoc on our x-files if we let her wander free
[Gin:] So it's time to take some action, anti-fowley brigade!
It's time to follow me!

Through the mist
Through the woods
Through the darkness and the shadows (sound like x-files huh?)
It's a nightmare but it's one exciting ride
Say a prayer
Then we're there
At the basement in the corner (M and S's late office :)
And there's something truly terrible inside
It's a beast
she's got fangs
Razor sharp ones
Massive paws
Killer claws for the feast
Hear her roar
See her foam
But we're not coming home
'Til she's dead
Good and dead
Kill the Beast!

( [Chris Carter:] No! I won't let you do this!
[Natalie:] If you're not with us, you're against us!
Bring the old man!
[Shiban:] Get your hands off me!
[Razz:] We can't have them running off to warn the creature.
[CC and Shiban:] Let us out!
[Conspiracy:] We'll rid our TV sets of this Beast. Who's with me?
[Mob:] I am! I am! I am! )

Light your torch
Mount your horse (or ford taurus)
[Danielle:] Screw your courage to the sticking place
[Mob:] We'are counting on Scully to lead the way
Through a mist
Through a wood
Where within a dirty basement
Something's lurking that you don't see ev'ry day
It's a beast
One as tall as a mountain
We won't rest
'Til she's good and deceased
Sally forth
Tally ho
Grab your sword (or gun)
Grab your bow
Praise the Lord and here we go!

( [Adrienne:] We'll lay siege to the castle and bring back her head!
[Shiban] I have to warn the Beast! This is all my fault! Oh, Chris Carter,
what are we going to do?
[Chris Carter:] Now, now, we'll think of something.

[Mob:] We don't like
What we don't understand
In fact it scares us
And this monster is mysterious at least
Bring your guns
Bring your knives
Save your children and your wives
We'll save our philedom and our lives
We'll kill the Beast!

Here we come, we're fifty strong
And fifty foul-ey haters can't be wrong
Let's kill the Beast!

Oct. 23, 1998
God, now everytime I hear them say, "People have a right to the truth,"
it will hold a whole new meaning. *LOL* Also, when Scully says, "I want
the truth, Mulder." ROTFLMAO! It adds a whole new demention to their
relationship. *LOL* ;)

conspiracy (who has devoted her life to searching for the truth)

It even gives some bad connotations to "The Truth is Out There" :)


Oct. 23, 1998
ROTFLMAO! Goddamnit! I want the truth!!!

conspiracy ;)

NU UNH!!!!! You did NOT just say that!!!!!! Oh my gosh.......
::ROTFLMAO, tears in eyes, can't breath::


Oct. 23, 1998
I hope she doesn't go on this whole crusade looking for the truth, too. What
about the Weed (aka Spender)? Will he start looking for the truth, too?!
That's too much!!

P.S. I certainly will be laughing whenever I hear that on the show. ;)

Oh god...laughing so hard...can't breath...::gasps:: What will happen is
Fowley says to Mulder "You know why I'm here! I'm looking for the truth
Mulder." Ree ree ree!


Oct. 23, 1998
I feel another top ten list coming on..........
Top Ten "Truth" Statements
10. You can't Handle the truth
9. May the truth be in Mulder's pants
8. You know why i'm here? I'm looking for the truth Mulder!
7. The truth will set you free
6."Agent scully, in order to find the truth you must
search deep, for it is one has known the truth for many years...i
knew the truth...but it slipped agent scully...and when you
find the truth don't let it leave your grasp.."
5. I want the truth Mulder!
4. All I want is the truth
3. The truth is in us ALL
2. The Truth is out there
1. The truth is In ME, Mulder! Oh, God the Truth is in me!

What do you think. Great job, you guys did all the work I just shuffled
through my e-mail.


Oct. 24th, 1998
Oh, I just got a sci-fi catalog and it has the X-Files lunch box
in it and guess what the caption was for it..."The Truth Is in My Sandwich."
I am not making this up!!!! LOL!!!!


Oct. 24, 1998
AAAAAH! *LOL* - Does that mean Mulder is a flasher? *lol* again!


It even gives some bad connotations to "The Truth is Out There" :)


Oct. 24, 1998
"The truth will save you, Scully. I think it'll save both of us."
Hell yes it would save me!!!


Oct. 24, 1998 How come they didn't show that part in the episode! We just get to hear
about it later!!


ROTFLMAO!!!! "The Truth is IN YOU, Scully!"
-Mulder: The Red and The Black

Oct. 24, 1998 How come HE says the Truth is in her, and SHE says the truth is in her,
but no one seems to notice!


LOL! Oh my God!
"The Truth is in me." ---Scully, Memento Mori

Luv Danielle

Oct. 24, 1998
"And a lie, Mr. Mulder, is best hidden between two truths."
---Deep Throat
Now what does THAT mean?? LOL

Luv Danielle

I have NO idea, but I think maybe Deep Throat got his name for a reason.
*LOL* Oops, I think I just went a little too far there, don't be upset.

conspiracy (who has devoted her life to her own personal search for the truth)

Oct. 25, 1998
Oh, but of course!!! EVERYTHING 'comes' from the quest for the 'truth'!!!!:)


I am ROTFLMAO!! Of course you guys know this all happened because of the
quest for the 'truth'


And then, of course, there's the obligatory, "Oh, Mulder" and the "keep
going, Scully!"

Amber :) *who is laughing really hard right now* :)

*LOL* I thought the exact same thing! (about closing your eyes and just
listening to that part) It's hilarious! *heavy breathing* M:"C'mon, you
can do it, Scully." and of course: M:"Scully, reach up and pull that
lever." *ROTFLMAO* I'm sorry, I'm extremely perverted, but I figure you
all already know that by now. :)

conspiracy (who has devoted her life to her own personal search for the

Oct. 25, 1998
I would LOVE to own the truth. Money would be no object. Of course, I
would prefer that the Truth come with Mulder. After all, the Truth
without Mulder would be an uninspiring Truth. Only Mulder can make The
Truth all that it can be.


Oct 25, 1998
ROTFLMAO! When is it coming! It's taking to long to come! Can't it hurry
up a little? Maybe it needs some Viagra...

conspiracy (who is waiting patiently, but not for much longer)

Okay, there are a couple of ways to look at this one. Both kinky.
Interesting choice of words. First there's the truth, which we all know
what that means, but that it's coming...
Not wanting to spell it out even more,


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