Truths of the Rich and Famous

Truth statements made by celebrities, historical icons, philosophers, and the like

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"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." - Sir Winston Churchill

"Life, is like a festival; just as some come to the festival to compete, some come to ply their trade, but the best people come as spectators, so in life the slavish men go hunting for fame or gain, the philosophers for the truth." - Pythagoras

"The truth is the most valuable thing we have." - Mark Twain

"The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple." - Oscar Wilde

If you read all these different philosophers, you'll find that they all have one thing in common. They tell you to seek out the Truth! However, while they tell you that you should find the Truth, they don't tell you how, they don't describe it, the continue to hide it from you." - Confucius, as summed up by conspiracy

"At sixty, my ear was an obedient organ for the reception of Truth." - Confucius

"You have to be on Benzadrine to tell the Truth and then you can go all night long." - Jack Karowack

"Search of the truth, not posession of the truth, is the essence of philosophy." -some German philosopher translated by Fee

"When truth is no longer free, freedom is no longer real: the truths of the  police are the truths of today."--Jacques Prévert
"How can the Truth not be free... does it mean prostitution?" - D_Scully_1013

"But, the 'truth' will never reach the public, because it it would no doubt collapse most religious beliefs and disrupt the social structure. The public has been feed so many lies and dis-information for so long, that they probably wouldn't know the truth if it bite them in the ass!" - The Art Bell list, courtesy of AgentXena
"The Truth bit me in the ass!!" -susan

"Would you mind going into how you judge what a truth is or is not? Is it things you hold to be self-evident or compilation of research of credibility, etc? I would not use one standard to judge the truth. Truth to me may be self-evident or may be a compilation of research. Could be just aninner knowing. The older I get the more I see less of my world being full of absolute truths. I'm not even sure we humans have the capability of knowing the absolute truth. So, rather than go nuts, I adopt a workable paradigm to live in. Is this too esoteric? And, how do you judge the truth?" - The Art Bell list, courtesy of AgentXena

"You have to knock down a wall of lies to see the truth" - Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

If your professor wrote it, it's as near to the truth as you ever need to get. - John Watson, University of Canterbury

The first duty of a lecturer: to hand you after an hour's discourse a nugget of pure truth to wrap up between the pages of your notebooks, and keep on the mantlepiece forever. - Virginia Woolf

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