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Truthful Sound Quotes
various x-files characters discuss the truth

Mulder wants an apology for the truth.

Would you die for the truth?

What we want to hear Mulder say...

Mulder has faith in the truth!!

He'd even lie to find it.

Scully wants evidence of the truth's existence!

The TRUTH is OUT there...

but so are lies!

Deep Throat on THE TRUTH

Scully's seen THE what she wants are the answers.

Scully makes the declaration of a lifetime.

Mulder gets angry at Scully's actions regarding the TRUTH

Mulder's not quite sure...

Skinner's pretty adamant about THE TRUTH

Mulder thinks the TRUTH will save them!

Our Own Version of the Truth
sounds nicely manipulated by AFML members
THESE SOUNDS may be unsuitable for listeners under 18. Be forewarned.

We see Scully in a new light. by Adrienne

"Was it good for you?" by Adrienne

"Well, there's this flying saucer..." by Adrienne

"Mulder, may I show you something?" by Adrienne

The Big Truth by conspiracy

Another truth wav by conspiracy

Truth Schitzophrenia by conspiracy

Mulder compares the truth to...Elmo? by conspiracy

Pervert Mulder by Danielle

Pervert Scully by Danielle

Pervert Skinner by Danielle

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