Welcome to the AFML Truth Statements Archive.  Here you will find a vast compilation of statements concerning the Truth.   Are they fact or fiction?  Reality or Fantasy?  Only those who know the Truth know for sure.

That would be David and Tea...and whoever was lucky enough before...

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Truth statements made by AFML members or people we know

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"Truth is as subjective as reality." - AFML saying

"How do you define "the Truth"?" - Danielle

"And I wonder if I'll ever know the Truth..." - Bee Slayer

"I am just seeking a different set of truths." - John the AFML gigalo

"I think he is definitely looking down contemplating how the Truth could possible be so extensive!! extending!! whatever!!" - Adrienne (about the picture on the top of the Truthseekers page)

"You can't deny the greatness of the Truth!" - Jen

"The Truth is out there."- Kris
"But you'll never find it."-  Erica
"I've seen the truth...now what I want are the answers." - Kris
"But you'll never find them." - Erica

"Find Agent Scully. Only then will you realize the scope and grandeur of the Truth. Go. Go now!" - WMM manipulated a bit by Jen

"Our only weapon will be the Truth and it will conquer all, penetrating their forces, leaving them helpless..." - Adrienne

"I just noticed this today. My school motto thingy is 'faithfullness and truth'!" - Bee Slayer

"We were looking over literary terms and part of the definition of one was Moral Truth, and the other was Abstract Truth!!!!!" - Zoe

"TRUTH ALWAYS" - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart contributed by Carrie

"My brother said he had the Truth and all the answers 'right in here.' (pointing to his brain)" - susan

"The World is one great big Where's Waldo game, but instead of Waldo, there's the Truth." - ANDREW!

"The little Truth is out there laughing at us. He's sitting on his little bar stool laughing it up--probably because he's drunk." - Andrew again!

"You have to find the Truth, just like Mulder and Scully constantly do." - Andrew once more.

An e-mail conversation between conspiracy and Adrienne:
Adrienne: "Hey guys, there is a book called "The Simple Truth" and I think that we should all read it and find out how simple the Truth can be!"
conspiracy: "Does it give directions for use? Like one of those "____ for Dummies" books?"
Adrienne: "Truth for Dummies" Warning: Exposure to Truth could lead to unforseen orgasm-like convulsions."

"...when they want to believe....when they want to believe in the truth...." - from Susan's English class

"Sometimes it benefits others to let the truth out.... let the truth escape... the truth gets into the air....." -from Susan's English class

"It makes perfect sense! Make out = find out or recognize. In other words, finding the Truth! Making out = finding the Truth! Simple!" -conspiracy

"We have another male!!!!! Nevermind what I said about the truth. Unless you're gay. Whatever. See, the truth is mulder's unh..... *ahem* ask Jolene." - Susan

"It is a crazy place here, just don't say you are searching for the "truth."" - John, to the other male on the list

"We approach the topic with one and only one prejudice: to walk down the path of Truth as best we can, regardless of where it might take us." -courtesy of Amber

"I also support the search for the truth." -jackie

"Speaking of the Truth, I was watching Tungsta and Krycek said there is no Truth, they just make it up along the way. Does Mulder know there is no Truth? How did Tea get pregnant then? The meat baster method? Krycek must have been lying." -jackie

"'Those bastards' is right! We must seek out these so called "great philosophers" and beat the Truth out of them with our smut sticks! Come! Come!" - conspiracy

"If the truth is.... the truth, then what are the lies? I mean, what is the opposite of...the truth?" -susan

"Well... if scully is lies.. then there is truth in the lies! (we hope!!)" -Kim

"Everyone is holding the Truth in their hands" -Amber

"Mmm mmm truth. yum. happy truth day to you too, when is truth day, is there a date for that?" -susan

"I thought everyday was truth day... it is for me anyway:)" -Jolene

"TOMORROW IS TRUTH DAY!!! CELEBRATE DAVID'S TRUTH!!!! Everyone has to eat something that resembles the Truth!!! Except John. and the other guy." - Adrienne

"*I'll swallow the Truth!" -Amber

"Yeah, well we're so damn stubborn that I'm NEVER GONNA GIVE UP MY FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH!!!" -Zoe

"All I said was that it could be the truth, (my lunchtable knows what the truth is) because it's like, kind of skin colored, and it has the filling inside which you can suck out...." - susan

"I think this poem is about the difficulty of finding the Truth, and how most people give up when they realize it's not as easy as the had originally thought. Everyone wants the Truth, but few are willing to take the risks to find it." - conspiracy's teacher

"He looks at the path that leads to the Truth and says, 'Well gosh, that's hard.'" -conspiracy

"I mean, there's the Truth, and there's lots of other things you can do." -conspiracy

"People get hurt if you bluntly use the Truth." -conspiracy

"People lie to themselves and create their own Truths that are different from the absolute Truth." - AFML MulderClone philosophy

A truth haiku:
"Dreams of finding Truth
perhaps someday I'll find it
and I will lick it" - Adrienne

"TRUTH: It's what's for dinner." -Jolene

"I've seen the truth. I watched Monday today and I noticed that the second time Mulder wakes up, right after he pours the water out of his cell phone, you can kind of see the truth. You might have to pause it and go frame by frame to really see it." -AgentXena

"Now I'm going to have to watch Monday again to see this alleged truth." -razz

"LOL!!! you really must want the truth, frame-by-frame? LOL!" -Susan

"Introducing the new interactive CD-ROM game, TRUTHsearch. Search the basement of the FBI weilding your mighty sword of Truth..." -Adrienne

"Perception of the truth matters more than the truth itself." - thanks to conspiracy

"You guys wouldn't know what to do with the truth if you fell over it!" - Gary

"I know that if I "fell over" the truth I would know what to do with it!" - Erika

"I will search for the truth till my dying day. If (WHEN) I find the truth, I promise to honor and cherish it till death do us part." - Erika

"The Truth Must Be Told!" - AFML Suggested New Tagline

"All hail the Truth!" - Amber

"The Truth is THERE, in that teacup!!" - Erika

"That's the damn TRUTH!" - Kim

"Wow Mulder! the Truth is better than anticipated!" - AFML dream

"Isn't part of the truth on CC's cuttin room floor?" - razz

"I think the truth was in the hallway ready to show itself, but that damn bee got in the way!" - Jolene

"Mulder would be proud! So proud, in fact, that he might reveal the truth to us!!" - Erika

"The truth is revealed only in theaters...then where was it!" - AFML complaint

"I want the truth so badly that I can almost taste it." - Amber

"Oh, for just a TASTE of the truth!" - Erika

"I wish the truth were in my bedroom..." - Amber

"I am sure that the full extent of the truth would probably leave me inhabilitated for DAYS." - Adrienne

"I want a good ol' truthcicle right about now!" - Amber

"When the truth is finally revealed will it be a group showing or one on one?" - jackie

"We want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." - AFML saying

"Not the whole truth, that would be kinda...hurtful!" - Fee

"All I said I wanted was the truth and I got the big pills. It must be a government conspiracy to cover up the truth with drugs. WE CANNOT LOSE THE FIGHT!!!!! I also thought I heard one of the techs saying "Yes Agent Fowley, she got the pills, we will hide the truth from her." HELP! The truth will set me free, or a good club to beat them all with." - jackie

"If any of us find the truth, we must share with the others!!!!" - Natalie

"Anything for you guys! I would even share the "Truth" well, maybe." - Jolene

"Oh Jolene....*tears up* you're so great....come on, guys, she's willing to share the TRUTH with us!!!! We love you, Jolene!!!" - Amber

I'm deeply honored to know you would share the truth with us, Jolene! I hope Mulder would be, too. Just as long as he practices "Safe truth"." - Erika

"The Truth is Down Here"

"The Truth is Up There" - conspiracy

"Why settle for a piece of the truth when you could just as easily have the ENTIRE THING??? ;) Unless, of course, it's too big to get it all at once. Heh, heh, heh. Take trips." - Amber

"I have to find the truth! I have to find the truth!" - Erika

"We at the AFML are those few people, and as long as we treasure the truth, it will always be with us, if only in spirit." - conspiracy

"We represent the Truthseekers league, the Truthseekers league, the Truthseekers league, and in the name of the Truthseekers leeeeeeague, we wish to welCOME you to AFML" - Scully (from the list)

SMURF and carrie
S: What else do people do with trees?
C: Oooh! They get syrup from them!
B: Truth syrup!
S: How would you go about getting the syrup out?
B: It is highly reccomended NOT to drill holes in the truth tree!

SMURF and her friend Brie
S: What season does the truth tree bloom?
S: What color are truth tree flowers?
B: White, I would hope
S: What would cause them to be...green?
S: Or....blue?
S: Larena (sp?) Bobbit for truth tree deforestation.
B: For a healthy truth tree, sponge bathe it daily.
Give it attention. Feed well.
Sit on it daily, or more than once a day.
S: When a truth tree turns blue...
B: Let go!
S: It is highly recommended against swinging from the truth tree
B: Or tying ropes from it
S: If you put Miracle Grow on a truth tree, does it get bigger?
B: Sure, the Miracle Grow in a little a little blue pill that starts with a V.

S: Carrie, what are some things people do with trees?
C: ...Kiss them...

S: Kiss a truth tree today!
B: Hug a truth tree today! But not your own...coz...ew....
S: Where do truth trees come from?
B: Well, Sarah, when a man and a woman love each other very much...
S: When do truth trees grow?
B: Even in my wildest dreams I never did, imagine that it could be so big...

"Can I just add here that my name - Allison - means 'little' and 'truthful'? - Alli

SOBE - means Truth - we drink SOBE tea

"But that, too, is only half the truth." ~Fee's technical computer sciences lecturer

"There is never just one truth, but many truths depending on the the individuals point of view." - courtesy of Mandi

"There is never just one truth, but many truths depending on the individuals point of view." - Ali's "Truths and identity" class

Truth is nothing but a feeling that something is true - courtesy of Mandi

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