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Truth statements in television and movies not related to The X-Files

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"The Bajorans weren't really interested in promoting historical Truth." - Garak, DS9

"You're supposed to find the truth." - Odo, DS9

"The Truth? You want the truth?" - Odo, DS9

"I never wanted anyone to know the truth." - Odo, DS9

"...and forced me to relive it and admit the truth." - Odo, DS9

"It's the truth, everybody knows it" - little Cardassian, DS9

"The truth, doctor, is in the eye of the beholder." - Garak, DS9

"So, the Truth comes out at last!" - Dave, News Radio

"So, the Truth comes out at last again!" - Dave, News Radio

TV Movie title, courtesy of Bee Slayer: "Touch of Truth"

"Helping you find the Truth..." - Inside Edition

Lila: "What? I told the truth."
Cass: "You twisted the truth like a pretzel, and you know it." - Another World

"The truth is more painful than knowing." - Days of Our Lives

"I can't believe she hid the truth from me all these years." - Days of Our Lives

"Why didn't you tell her the truth?"
"Because I sent the truth to the movies." - Sister, Sister

"That was the truth coming out." - Sister, Sister

'"This is about the truth." - Jen's gran, Dawson's Creek

"She put her truth above everything." - Andie, Dawson's Creek

"The only truth that I know is pain." - Jen, Dawson's Creek

What do I look like, a Truth machine? - Judge Judy

"Only the Truth shall make you clot" - Frasier

"Seeing the truth will cost you magic." - Zelda,Sabrina the Teenage Witch


"Sometimes the only thing more disturbing than the crime... is the truth..." - The General's Daughter trailer

"Luke, you're going to find that many of the Truths we cling to all depend on our point of view." -Obi-Wan

Susan: "Do you want the Truth, or do you want lies?"
Victor: "I want both." - Smoke Signals

"I want to feel the truth, to be nearer to it." ~Dr. Stedder, some movie we watched in bio.

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