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" Designed to be more 'compact' than the traditional alternatives, the Folding Handle requires much less torque and is easier to operate than any other option you can find." -

"Mulder/Scully 2000 - Vote for the Truth!" - some E-commerce website

"Alex Krycek is the truth Fox Mulder is looking for." - The Church of Krycek

"As an aside, what really is the "Truth" that Mulder so badly wants to expose? It is always easy to discover separate truths--it happens in every of Mulder's and Scully's encounters. But what is the "Truth?" Is it simply the combination of all the minor truths, or is it something more? Is it something that is so powerful that it could destroy the fabric of human nature? Is it something we really want to acknowledge?...

I can't answer these questions, but it is this pursuit of the "Truth" that makes The X-Files so appealing. But can we handle the "Truth" ...? " - the website, Cancerman's Lungs

"I'll get you my pretty, and your little Truth too!" ~Fowley to Scully


"She would awake to the sensation of a stunning revelation, the truth of it always lying within the slippery boundaries of the dream, but each move she made to reclaim it sent it skittering farther away from her conscious mind." - unknown

"Ah," Dana whispered, half in pleasure, half in reply. "Now the truth comes out."
"But it's such an arousing truth, don't you think?" Mulder whispered into her ear, fitting himself to her.

- Bidie McCucholl, Your Place or Mine

"Well?" she asked. "How arousing is *that* truth, Agent Mulder?" - Scully, Your Place or Mine

"It is, as I discover, a truth." - Scully in Suzanne Berringer's Monday

"It was hard to admit, even in the silence of his own heart, but he'd always sought the truth. Had always insisted on it."

"The truth wasn't out there, it was in him, and this was it."

"You were always the one who looked for the truth, Mulder." - Skinner
"Don't hide from this truth." - Mulder

"My life's quest has become three-fold.
Truth for Samantha.
Truth for Scully.
My own salvation.
The third will come with the discovery of the first two." -Dance Without Sleeping, Lydia Bower

"Why don't you and I go off in search of the Truth together?" - Mulder to Scully

"I promise you, I will walk away from all of it...from you... if you don't make this right. I can't do this anymore. I cannot play second fiddle to the Truth." - Scully

"You may die someday Scully but you will never be forgotten.You are like the truth. It may be hidden, but as long as some people, no matter how few, speak of it, believe in it and treasure it, it will never die." - Mulder

"Well, I mean they're so unpredictable. It must be so annoying. Always going up and down." She waves her second Twinkie around for emphasis. "Moving around down there. Plus they're so weird looking."
Ouch. That one hurt. It's the truth I suppose, but still... - Pandora's Box, Rachel Anton

"She had hoped for this moment and now, here they were--no bees, no case, nothing to prevent her from finally telling him the simple truth. She loved him. But the truth wasn't simple at all, was it? It never had been, for them." - Ten Reasons

"...and while the truth is out there, it is also here within us." - Ten Reasons

The truth had been beside her all these years. Why had she denied it? - Vision of Love by Falconer

"There was no more time for games, no more time for waiting. The truth, for once, was right there in front of him, moving in his arms, sending him a wordless message that he could not misunderstand or ignore. I want you." - And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Jean Helms

The TRUTH is Laundry - fanfic title

The Farmington River
by Adrienne

The Farmington River is long, wide, and wet. I would love to stroke along its length, and feel its spirit inside me.
I could also see myself riding it all day, soon exhausted from the intense effort of making my way down.
Eventually, the Farmington ends up at the mouth, and it all flows naturally from there.
Not unlike the Truth.

The End.


SENT TO FOX via feedback e-mail on June 9, 1999:

Happy First Annual Truth Day!! 6/9/99
6/9/99 has officially been declared TRUTH DAY by the members of the Anti-Fowley Mailing
List and we just wanted to wish our fave people at Fox HAPPY TRUTH DAY!!!
Love,The AFMLers.

"Lie to me, give me the Truth, lie to me, give me the Truth!" -Snow White to Pinnochio in an e-mail joke

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