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"Some of these hoaxes are intentionally revealed to manipulate the truthseekers who become discredited if they disclose the deliberately absurd deception. - Jose Chung's From Outer Space

"The truth is an elephant described by three blind men. The first man touches the tail and says it's a rope. The second man feels the rough leg and says it's a tree. The third man feels the trunk and says it's a snake. " - Trepkos, Firewalker

Mulder: "Alright, what do you want to know?"
Krycek: "Just the truth." - Sleepless

"The truth, the truth... There is no truth. These men just make it up as they go along. They're the engineers of the future." - Krycek

"What does Krycek know of the truth??? I thought they didn't do any more than kiss???" - Fee

"I mean this endless pursuit of the Truth, Mulder, it just doesn’t make any sense to me now." -Scully, Biogenesis (WHAT THE...)

"The spirit is the truth." - Scully's tombstone, One Breath

"I won't give up, I can't give up as long as the truth is out there." -Mulder

"Mulder, ask yourself why there is no information whatsoever on Special Agent Diana Fowley. Why she would suddenly happen into your life when you are closer than ever to the truth." - Scully, One Son

"Nothing could be further from the truth, Fox. Nothing." - Diana Fowley, One Son

"Are you afraid of the truth?" -Skinner, Two Fathers

Spender: "I just want the truth."
Mulder: "The truth is out there, Agent Spender. Maybe you should find it for yourself." , One Son

Spender: "I think I'm entitled."
CSM: "To...?"
Spender: "The truth. The truth about my mother." , Two Fathers

"The truth was out there, fatally exposed." -CSM, Two Fathers

"I thought we were looking for the truth." -Scully, Tithonus

"Whatever the truth, Mr. Weinsider, you can't hope to bury it now." -Scully, Terms of Endearment

"That son of a bitch better live so I can beat the truth out of him." -Deputy Arky Stevens, Terms of Endearment

"We uncover the truth." -Byers, Dreamland

"My entire career has been spent hiding the truth from the American people destroying, in a way, that which was most precious to me." - General Wegman, Dreamland II

Mulder as Morris Fletcher: "What is the truth?"
Wegman: "You mean... You don't know?"
Mulder: "Don't know what?"
Wegman: "The truth - what *is* going on here at Area 51?" , Dreamland II

"Speak the truth, man." -Captain Harburg, Triangle

"Reach as many people as you can with it, that's your weapon." Suzanne Modeski, Unusual Suspects

Byers: "You want the truth?"
Mulder: "Yeah, I want the truth."
Byers: "Well then you better sit down, this might take a while."

"I'm in here because I wanted to know the truth. I assume that's the same for you?" - Byers

"We all have our faith and mine is in the truth." -Mulder

"I know the Truth. I spoke to one of your men." -Mulder

"For years the world has seen reality distorted.
Facts manipulated...
and TRUTH HIDDEN." - The X-Files: FTF trailer
"Dammit, I'm tired of the truth being hidden! I want The Truth to be revealed!" - Erika

"Cherish the past...
Enjoy the present...

"The truth will save you, Scully. I think it'll save both of us." - Mulder

"Mr. Dales, I want the truth. I will subpoena you to get it if I have to." - Mulder

"You can't bury the truth!!!" - Mulder
"I guess the though of not being able to bury the truth, kinda disturbed me. If Mulder has a problem with that no wonder he hasn't made the move on Scully yet." - Jolene
"If Mulder can't bury the truth, maybe he needs some Viagra." - Erika
"But what if he's burying the truth in his pants?" - razz

"The truth or a white whale, what difference does it make?" - Scully
"Elephant, whale, whatever. They're both big and hard. to miss. Most of the time." - razz

"Nothing can prepare you for it... it's almost unimaginable." - Mulder

"In the late 1940's William "Wild Bill" Donovan of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS) began searching for a "Truth drug" for use in mind control and interrogation; LSD was one of the most promising candidates." - The X- Files Fact
"Hmmm...LSD, never thought of that." - Natalie

"Shoot lit "X" Shots to complete large "X" for "The Truth" multiball." -The X-Files Pinball Machine

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