Yes, we freely admit it. We, at the AFML, are obsessed with the X-Files. But likely no more so than lots of other online fans, like you! ;-) This addiction has led some members to see X-Files connections wherever they are.
Here are some of them.

(Susan) make (as in persuade, beg, plead......) your french teacher to let your class watch all 2.5 hours of your x-files tape dubbed in french. go bowling. immediately think: elegy. so you say to your mom, "hey, let's pour soda on the floor at the end of the lane and see if it says "she is me" in the wax!"

(Amber) hear "Tunisia" on the TV and begin to giggle uncontrollably. walk into english class and nearly faint when "folie a deux" is written on the board for no particular reason. suggest watching "musings of a ciggarette-smoking man" as a historical movie in history class (it doesn't work, though). :-) are watching "All the Presidents Men" --one of my top ten fav movies!!-- and when people in your class begin talking about "Deep Throat" you become hysterical.
...the Watergate Hotel reminds you not of Watergate, but of "The Host". see the weather report on the news and where it says "milder" you see "MULDER".

(Zoe) 1) Your friend mentions that she loves the Foo Fighters and/or Dave Grohl and you mention and/or start singing "Walking After You"
2) You're watching Access Hollywood and it mentions something about Claudia Schiffer and her boyfriend David Copperfield and you think to yourself that we should arrest him, but not for this.
3) You're in Health class learning about Sexually Trasmitted Diseases and your teacher says that a virus is always with you, there are no cures, only vaccines and you wonder "Hmm, does that mean that Scully still has the alien virus in her?"
4) You're talking about dreams in english class and your teacher asks if anyone knows what Freud said about dreams and you think to yourself "Well Mulder said 'dreams are the answers to questions we don't yet know how to ask'"
5) You're in the car and you hear a commercial for a brand new car showroom in Arcadia and you scream give your friend a weird look.
6) You're in the car and the song Beyond The Sea comes on and you go "Hey!.. Oh, poor Scully's father"

(Natalie) 1. In lit class while watching a movie that's at least 15 years old you recognize the guy who played Bronshweig in FTF and he has long hair!
2. While watching the same movie you notice a character is named Langley and you write it down so you don't forget to tell your friends at the anti-fowley asylum about it.
3. You watch Divas Live on VH1 just hoping that Cher will sing Walking in Memphis.
4. You realize it must be fate that all of Sarah McLachlan's songs fit Scully and Mulder so perfectly because her initials are S&M after all.
5. You watch Disturbing Behavior and notice not only Spender and Duane Barry but also Penny Northern and two people from Schizogeny.
6. You're watching another movie in lit class and while showing a list of names the name "Fox" comes up. You realize you're not the only one to make a "yea" sound and think, "I should talk to them after class. I bet they watch The X-Files."

(Erika) 1. You watch "Wrongfully Accused" and recognize Melissa Scully, And the doctor from Emily
2. You see that Xerox commercial and yell "It's Dr. Polidari!!!"
3. YOu watch "Mr. Magoo" and recognize Donnie Pfaster
4. YOu think one of your co-workers is blessed because the last 4 digits of his phone number are 1013
5. You drive past a bakery advertising "Hot X Buns!" and think "MULDER!!!"
6. There is construction going on on your drive to work route and all the "Detour" Signs mean something special to you
7. You see an obscure, unknown actor who appears for 5 seconds in the opening scene of "Mercury Rising" and scream "It's the kid from Schizogeny!" so loud your husband is frightened
8. You drink way more iced tea than any normal human being should

(Ceruleanjen) 1) You're friend at school gives you FOUR huge bags of David sunflower seeds in a nice decorative bag with tissue paper for your birthday
2) the other friends are stumped with what to get you, claiming they don't know what I 'don't ALREADY have' ;)
3) You dress up like Scully in the privacy of your own home... (I probably won't admit to this) ;) ..but it's true. ;)
4) you buy a gold crucifix just to make sure you look like Scully
5) you are fleeting with joy when *anyone* at your school watches the X-files and tells you on Sunday that they've done so... they don't always get it... In fact most of the time they don't.. but that's okay. ;)
6) you've been getting into waaaaay too many arguments lately.. mainly because for some reason, some of your friends are into the whole "anti-x-files just to make jen mad" deal... *sigh*
"hahaha! david is soooo ugly! and he has a giant nose, and he's all flabby, and has a wife, so get over him!"
CJ: "yeah.... I'm his wife"
"you are NOT his wife, and David is an ugly bastard!"
"yeah! he's so ugly!
"his nose is soooo big!"
CJ: "fine. I'm not talking to you guys" (chooses not to argue in the classroom)
*scrambling to finish homework* "how do you say 'it rained yesterday'?"
"i dunno. I take french"
"sorry...can't help you"
CJ: "what's that I hear?? did someone say David is cute and sexy??"
"what the hell???"
CJ: "well, I know I heard something... I think it sounded like... Mulder and Scully love each other.. is that right?? yeah.. that's what I heard"
"Mulder and Scully do NOT love each other!"
"god, Jen, you're sooo obsessed! they're not even real!"
"Mulder's with that Dana Fowley lady anyway!!!"
CJ: *thinks "god, I HATE it when they say DANA Fowley!!"*
"come on! I have to turn this in right now!!"
CJ: *mumbles incoherent japanese*
CJ: "did I hear someone say David is sexy again?"
*sigh*... "david is sexy.."
CJ: "Oh! my ears do not fail me! I DID hear that!"
"and mulder and scully...they love each other, am I right?"
"mulder and scully love each other..."
CJ: "and...?"
"and Diana Fowley is a whore...yeah... yeah"
CJ: "and you're....sorry...right???!"
"yeah.. I'm sorry.. can you help me?? please???"
CJ *grins evily*
"kinoo wa ame ga futte imashita"
It wasn't even that hard.... but I got an apology out of it. ;)
7) you recognize "duane barry" in a small erotic french film while in france, and check your british x-files mag in the next two minutes to see that they didn't include it in his filmography... ;)

(conspiracy) 1. You hear someone on tv giving out an internet address ending in "dot com" and whip around, thinking you heard "Dod Kalm."
2. In the past week you have looked at the clock at exactly 10:13 at least once a day.
3. You notice the numbers on a house read 1016 and go out of your way to try and find 1013, then wish you lived there even though it's an old, beat up place.
4. You have a dream where you are watch a new XF ep, then rewatch it-- not in it, you're just sitting there watching it on the tv screen-- and it's one of the best dreams you've had in a long time
5. Your english class has a discussion about "Truth" and when someone says the truth is out there and a couple people say "yeah, x-files!" you make a mental note to talk to them after class, but don't because you don't think they could possibly be as obsessed as you
6. When, during this same discussion, someone uses a story they "saw in a tv show once" and begins to describe the plot of JCFOS, you take special pride in knowing where the example came from